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Deep Cleaning Services

Well they say that cleanliness is next to insurmountable, but not anymore as we are superbly and seriously specialized in doing deep cleaning service. You will happily appreciate the time and effort you can save with our quality Delaware house cleaning services around to help you any time. We even bring our own high quality supplies to thoroughly clean your condo, office, apartment, or home. Our deep cleaning services is perfect and specially recommended by us when you are moving into a new place or when you are prepared to show it to your folks and family or after a social gathering or just for that yearly spring cleaning. We do heavy duty cleaning from every corner, top, and bottom leaving no nook for a better and cleaner look!

What sets apart our deep cleaning services from others?

Most cleaning companies do not fully comprehend the total commitment and requirement of doing core deep cleaning. However, we have a licensed and well trained dedicated team who specifically specialize in doing first class deep cleaning service. Moreover, we provide Un-rushed cleaning with special cleaning equipment. No matter how filthy or foul the place might be our standards of cleaning will transform your home in tip-top shape.

Here's what we do for you:

Living and Sleeping Space:

  • Upholstery, carpet edges, stairs, hallways, and furniture carefully vacuumed

  • Make beds, vent, ceiling fan, and base boards dusted, pillows or cushions straightened

  • Cleaning glass tables, knickknacks, windows, get rid of any web cobs

  • Well damp wiped ledges and window sills

  • Wash and mop the area's wood or hard and marble floors

  • Well dusted and wiped doors, photo frames, and lamp shades to clean out any fingerprints

Eating and kitchen Space:

  • We scrub and even disinfect the sink, shined chrome for a sparkling look

  • Kitchen furniture including range hood, drip pans, and refrigerator's exterior wiped and cleaned

  • Exteriors of drawers and cabinets, big and small counter top appliances carefully cleaned (interior cleaning is also done upon special request)

  • Trash emptied and thorough dusting done for chairs and tables

  • Floors well mopped and vacuumed

  • Well wiped baseboard and get rid of any cobwebs


  • Shower door, shower, and floors given special attention

  • Baseboards, window sills, and cabinets front well wiped

  • Tile and sink carefully scrubbed

  • Bathtubs and tile walls are disinfected and made dirt less

  • Mirrors neatly cleaned and well shined

  • Any carpets get vacuumed and nicely edged

Our rich experience in deep cleaning can be of great assistance for you with our well created check list that reflects and ensures best cleaning standards available in the industry. We also provide carpet cleaning services. Get a Quote to get your property's every square inch sparkling and sanitized!

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